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Interactive certification.

Elevate your chances of landing your dream product management role with our Certified Mock Interview program. Experience realistic interviews, receive personalized feedback from industry experts, and earn a distinguished certification to showcase your readiness to prospective employers. Your path to interview mastery and career advancement starts here.

Certificate Example:

Interviewed by:

Lenny Rachitsky

Self Employed

Newsletter Author

4.5 years



4.5 years

Investor in 150+ companies including Figma, Substack, Vanta, Snackpass, Whatnot, Cerebral, Future, Levels, Mindbloom, Hipcamp, Reforge, Zip, Stytch, Runway, Census, Descript, Pachama and more



7 years

• Led the team responsible for driving consumer supply growth.
• Drove growth through improvements to guest booking conversion, host experience (acceptance rate, response rate, more), and Instant Book.

Local Mind

Co-Founder, CEO

1.5 years

Acquired by Airbnb in 2012.

Localmind was an early location-based consumer app. We leveraged location data from Foursquare, Facebook, and Gowalla to capture location expertise of locals, enabling Localmind users to get real-time answers to questions about places they are thinking about visiting.

Potential candidate:

Shamil Dibirov


Product Manager

1 year

As a Product Manager at Renascence, I am responsible for delivering a digital line of products for Mystery Shopping services;



0.5 years

• Audited 3 parts of annual financial statement of the client;
• Carried out an inventory of the client, including 110 items of spare parts and more than 
3,000 tons of bulk materials;



0.5 years

• Gathered and lead a team of 2 developers and a designer.
• Conducted 10+ problem interviews with restaurant owners 30+ problem interviews with potential users;
• Based on CustDev developed an optimal service business model and derived the potential size of key metrics;
• Launched the MVP version of the iOS application in one of the hookah bars in the centre of Moscow;

Profile image of candidate for product interview.

Candidate's details:

Shamil Dibirov


June 20 2023

Interview type:

Product management mock interview





Project mngmnt:

Overall, Shamil demonstrated a strong understanding of product management principles, including customer discovery, prioritization, and execution. His ability to conduct user interviews and apply the job-to-be-done framework showcased his customer-centric approach. However, there is room for improvement in terms of project management and collaboration with designers to enhance the overall user experience. Additionally, expanding experience in A/B testing and scaling products would be beneficial for future roles in product management.

• Demonstrated experience in conducting user interviews and utilising the job-to-be-done framework for product understanding.

• Proficiency in designing prototypes using Figma and ability to create design systems.

• Experience in managing the product development process from ideation to launch.

• Strong focus on customer discovery and validation through hypothesis testing.

• Willingness to take on multiple roles and responsibilities, including product management, design, and even development.


• Limited experience in A/B testing and conducting user research at a larger scale.

• Need for improvement in setting realistic expectations and delivering on promises, particularly in terms of project timelines and scope.

• Lack of experience working with dedicated designers and collaborating on UX/UI improvements.

• Limited experience in launching and scaling products beyond the MVP level.


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Interactive certificate

Earn a certification upon completion, showcasing your preparedness and skills to potential employers. Our certification is interactive, allowing recruiters to view a summary of your feedback and performance.

Detailed feedback

Receive in-depth feedback from seasoned industry experts to understand your strengths and areas for improvement. Our feedback is tailored to your performance, providing actionable insights to enhance your interview skills.

Interview recording

Review and share your mock interview with a recording provided post-session. This invaluable tool allows for self-assessment, helping you to see your progress and prepare for real interviews with confidence.

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